by Michelle Montoro

I spent the first 40 years of my life being a “yes” girl.

Craving to be popular, to be liked, to become the friend my friends could rely on.


To the point that I exhausted myself. Overwhelmed myself. Literally made myself crazy.

But I had only myself to blame.

You can’t really blame others for taking advantage of the “yes” girl.

Probably they didn’t even realize that I was saying “yes” to everyone who asked me for something. And I believe it is just human nature to keep asking the person who always says “yes.”


by Michelle Montoro

Twenty-one years ago, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after a lifetime of struggling within the darkness of my own mind. It has been a disturbing history but one that I survived.

Through countless hours of therapy, endless cocktails of psychotropic medications, measureless pools of tears, and unfathomable depths of darkness for more than a decade of my life, I somehow found my way to the other side, to a brighter life, to the life I had always wished for. …

by Michelle Montoro

A few years ago, a friend of mine sent me this article, , with the message, “This reminds me of you…”

So, of course, I was intrigued. Wondering what in the world these 11 secrets were, I clicked the link and read on…

As I read the qualities that supposedly make people irresistible, I was thinking, “Wow! Is this really how my friends perceive me?”

Things like an irresistible person does not seek validation because their self-worth comes from within; they treat everyone with respect; and they are authentic and have integrity. …

by Michelle Montoro

We as human beings have many ways of communicating with each other…words, body language, facial expressions, actions, the way we dress, the way we walk, our overall presentation of ourselves to the world.

So you see, there are many underlying reasons why I do the things I do.

Getting dressed to feel good and present a positive image of myself to the world is important to me. It communicates that I have pride in myself, that I take care of myself so I can take care of the people in my life that need me. …

by Michelle Montoro

…It took me a lifetime to learn it…and I really want to share it…

…You have got to fake it until you make it.

For real.

I don’t believe that we are born with confidence.

How could we be? We come into this world shriveled up little helpless dependent beings. Sure, people coo over us and tell us over and over how adorable we are. But as we grow and gain more exposure to the world outside of our protected home environment where we are praised continuously, the harsh reality of competition sets in.

At that first…

by Michelle Montoro

I have been writing a since 2015 and one thing that I have consistently struggled with is the idea that paying close attention to personal style is vain. I mean, the entire concept of fashion blogging does sort of carry a connotation of vanity.

I take great care styling my outfits in the morning and taking photos of myself and then posting them on the internet for strangers to view. I suppose many people would consider that vain. As a result, I was hesitant even before I started my blog. But I had…

by Michelle Montoro

Recently, I have been thinking an awful lot about the journey that brought me to this current place in my life. The friends who have come and gone. The friends who have remained or reconnected. The friends who are distant memories. The relationships that I had. The ones that ended amicably. The ones that ended disastrously. The ones that just ended. The paths that I chose. The easy ones and the difficult ones. The decisions that I made. The good ones and the bad.

My experiences, each and every one of them, and my perceptions of these…

by Michelle Montoro

After 22 years of active duty service in the United States Army, my husband is retiring this summer and will no longer be a soldier. To honor him as well as all of the military families past, present, and future, I wanted to share some truths about life during deployments. I have spent the past 12 years of my life as a military spouse, so this article is primarily about the military wives whom I have met and gotten to know during my tenure as an Army wife. It is also for and about the military spouses…

by Michelle Montoro

I have always been fascinated by the way people communicate with each other within all types of relationships, personal or professional and everywhere in between. I think the fascination began nearly 10 years ago when I took a class on Family Therapy which focused primarily on family dynamics and the way family members communicate with each other.

The way we communicate is very much a learned behavior. We learn our communication methods from the environments in which we are raised. Depending on the examples we have to follow during our malleable years, we become either very good…

by Michelle Montoro

A girl walked into another bar. This time she walked in alone. Because she was invited there. A few weeks had passed and there was simply silence with regard to the guy she met in the bar on that random Wednesday night.

Now on a random Monday night, as she was lying on her couch watching sentimental romance movies, contentedly enjoying the peace and bliss of her own quiet solitude, she received an unexpected text message from an unidentifiable phone number that simply stated, “I’m in town. …

Shelbee On The Edge

Michelle is a passionate scholar and a lover of words with a driving desire to help others in the pursuit of becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

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