The World is Your Oyster

Shelbee On The Edge
4 min readJan 1, 2022

by Michelle Montoro

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The world is your oyster.

Have you ever hear that phrase?

It is one that I have carried with me for many, many years.

There once was a very influential man in my life…when I was in my mid-twenties.

I was going through a divorce. I was still trying to discover myself. I was trying to figure out the person I wanted to be. I was working full time and going to law school at night.

I was driven.

I was determined.

I was spiraling out of control.

Much of this period in my life is really just a blur. It is sort of unfortunate that I don’t recollect much of it. Or maybe not. Perhaps it is better that I don’t remember the crazy.

The crazy that was me.

The havoc that I was unknowingly bringing into the lives of others. Ah, it is in the past now and we have all moved on. Thankfully.

While I may forgotten a lot about that period of my life over two decades ago, I do remember this very special man.

He was fifteen years my senior. He was my boss. He was my mentor. He was my support system. He became my lover and my best friend.



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